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Dynasty Genetics

Huckleberry Kush

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  • Stable F1


Oregon Afghani x Huckleberry 2014

Parental Information

Mom- The mother of this strain is an Oregon Afghanai clone that’s been around since the early 80s… Pure Kush in appearance and smell, but the Oregon Afghani has been around well before the “kush” label became predominant in the cannabis scene. High Cbds make this strain very useful for medical users..

Dad- The father is a select male chosen out of the Huckleberry 2014 gene pool. The huckleberry 2014 is basically a huckleberry backcross, using an old Dj short’s BB clone in the mix. Huckleberry 2012=huckleberry 2011/(Dj short BBxHuckleberry 2007… This line has show great medicinal value and a fast maturation period. This same father has been used in the crater lake V5 and more..

Indica/Sativa %

Indica Dominant


Indoor / Outdoor

  • Indoor
  • Greenhouse

Bloom Length:

8-9 week

# of Phenotypes:

3 main phenos

Description of each phenotype expression:

**Huckleberry Kush is another potent medical masterpiece!! After 4 years of work put into this line, we are happy to introduce the Huckleberry Kush Version-3.  By far the smelliest and our favorite of all the versions.


Pheno#1 (30%) is leaning more towards Huckleberry and will display a “whiter” appearance.. Hairs will tend to be more spindly on this pheno.. a bit more sweet/sour huckleberry smell/taste than the others.

Pheno #2 (40%)  50/50 between both parents. Good yield, great sweet/sour smells and lots of trichomes makes this an easy choice for a keeper.

Pheno#3 (30%) is leaning towards the Oregon Afghani but is still dominated by the father… The tops will be a bit more “blunt” and the hairs will be standing on end in straight lines… a bit more earthy kush smell/taste but the huckleberry essence cuts thru in almost every plant..

All other phenos observed were slight variations of the above descriptions.

Expect the following throughout the gene pool;

**White Strain.. covered with trichs, makes it great for hash
**High THC and decent CBD…functional medicine with great pain relief
**Kush “pole plant” structure, minimal branching
**Easy to grow, plants can handle fair amount of stress without harm
**Dense buds, harvest on time or beware of mould!!
**8 week bloom time
**Good for Sog…but not as good for scrog though

Expect these slight variations;
**Smell/taste…… more/less huckleberry/kush depending on pheno
**Stretch …… between .75-1.25x
**yield ……. some buds will grow “outward” more = more yield
**Veg time… slightly longer veg time required on some plant



Resin Profile:

Copious Resin


Odor Description:

sour berries, lavender, coffee, hash oil

Flavor Score:


Flavor Description:

sweet/sour berry, coffee/hash

Potency Score:


High Type:

initial cerebral, deep body stone..