Lovin' Cup

Dynasty Genetics

$ 60.00

Lovin' Cup-  Shishkaberry x Ms.Universe #10
  This strain was named in dedication to a dear friend of ours that passed away.. 
  Lovin' Cup is an easy to grow strain with high yields, colorful blossoms and amazing aromas. The fruity smells vary from cherry, blueberry, watermelon and its accompanied by undertones of haze/spice & skunk/afghan. The terpenes come through very nicely on the flavor as well.
   The effects are very strong on the Lovin' Cup.. The most indica leaning pheno is a recessive Blueberry plant which is extremely sedating, has a faster bloom time and denser buds.. The Ms.Universe phenotype is on the opposite side of the spectrum with more of an uplifting high, and has a higher yield but takes a little longer to boom. Allow this pheno some room to stretch, she likes to get big!  Flower times vary from 9-10.5 weeks indoors, and mid october outdoors (in the northern hemisphere).
 **Plants grow with many buds sites, so stakes or netting is required to maintain an equal canopy height..

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